Dec 25, 2020



Can VSN help with transport /shipping of the horse?

VSN members all are professionals in horse selling and training. So we can arrange the transportation of your horse to every country in the world (we advise Gelissen Horse Transport and EHS as reliable partners).


Can I keep the horse in The Netherlands for training?

If you decide your horse can start some training in Holland, members of the VSN can help you! We can start training and put them under saddle, or they can even stay longer for more training.


How does it work with VAT

If you have a company with an EU VAT-number and you export the horse as soon as possible, the invoice will have no VAT. If you decide to let the horse stay for some time in The Netherlands, you can get the VAT back after exporting the horse to your country. For our Tax Agency we need proof of exportation. Rules have been strict nowadays. The same is applicable for export outside the EU.


Are the horses insured?

No the horses are not insured. But on the purchase agreement you can choose to have the horse insured with Xcellent Horse Insurance for a short or longer period.



If you have any more questions regarding the VSN Online Auction, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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