May 27, 2024 · VSN Online Auction 8.0

Tonight the eighth VSN Online Auction closes. Take a look at our fabulous collection, register, watch all information we have for you and place your bid.
Did you know we have several horses in our VSN Online Auction free of VAT. This especially is interesting for private buyers within the European Union. Check out the VAT-rate on each horse at the bottom of their personal page.
For buyers who live outside of the European Union the horses are always free of VAT on the condition you import the horse(s) as soon as possible after the auction.
If you or your veterinarian have questions about the X-rays do not hesitate to contact our veterinarian, dr. Arie Hoogendoorn, preferably by whatsapp +31 650 506743 and he will contact you!
In case you have other questions so not hesitate to contact the secretary of the Auction, Maartje Lanooy +31 655 370 731 or the president of the Dutch Sport Horse Traders Assciation (VSN) Frans Burgers +31 647 082 532.

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