28 mrt. 2021

Jessica Bertoglio (USA)
My contact in the Netherlands directed me to the site of VSN Auctions: many nice horses with good potential. The horse we bought exceeded our expectations in every way. We would absolutely consider buying at VSN Auctions again. The whole process of getting information, to bidding, paying and arranging transportation was completely easy. My questions were answered quickly and I always felt confident that is was proceeding as it should.


Eric Morssinkhof & Melvin Greveling (NED)
We bought a young Berlin at the first VSN Auction. It’s always a surprise how they will develop because it’s a young horse, but at this moment it looks positive. We decided the last minute to start bidding. What we like about this auction is the transparency and the professional way of working.


Maciej Teska (POL)
In general i’m very happy with the horse I purchased at the VSN Auction last year. She is still young so we have to see how she develops but untill now it looks positive. We experienced working with VSN as very professional. I had some questions before i decided to proceed the bidding process. The response to all my questions was quick and informative.


Sander Geerink (NED)
VSN Auctions came by for the first time at the end of last year. I saw it on social media and started looking. I got in touch with some of the VSN members that brought in the horses. It became directly clear to me that these horses are carefully selected.  The collection is a group of young horses with outstanding quality.
I’m very happy with the horse I bought, it’s even better than I expected. I had a very positive experience with VSN auctions and would definitely buy again.


Willem Greve (NED)

VSN Online Auction is founded by horse dealers, being members of the Dutch Sport Horse Traders Association (VSN). Amazing that members are able to bring together such a good collection of young sporthorses. Together we did look with a critical eye to the horses to bring only the best young sporthorses in the auction.
Both the auction and the method of auction are clear and transparent. Information about the horses is easily found for those who are interested. Working together as VSN-members and making clear who brings the horses in the Auction, gives a good and solid signal to customers.


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